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Shipping Information

We use United Airlines Petsafe Program to ship all of our puppies.  For the health and safety of our puppies we will ship if and when weather permits.  If possible we will drive to meet the new owners of the puppies and hand deliver if shipping isn't possible.  All shipping cost will be paid by the buyer.  When your puppy is shipped he/she will be shipped in a Petmate SkyKennel carrier.  Shipping includes airfare, carrier, health/acclamation certificate and transportation to the airport.  Extras included with your puppy are bedding, toy, collar, food, NuVet starter pack.  Puppies AKC papers, vaccination records and NuVet starter pack are mailed to you by Priority Mail several days before your puppy is shipped, so you will have it in hand when your puppy arrives.  After scheduling the flight for your puppy I will email you flight information, airline, flight #'s, arrival time, air waybill # and confirmation #.